Svenska avhandlingar om ätstörningar och angränsande områden

Personality and Eating Disorder

Fatal attraction: The relationship between patients and their eating disorders, an interpersonal and attachment perspective

Louise Karjalainen, Eating disorders, eating pathology and ESSENCE

Erika Hansson, Disordered eating among Swedish adolescents : Associations with emotion dysregulation, depression and self-esteem

Linn Håman 2016, Extrem jakt på hälsa. En explorativ studie om ortorexia nervosa.

Anorexia nervosa : treatment expectations, outcome and satisfaction

Börje Lech, 2012: Conciousness about own and others´affects.

Josefin Westerberg Jacobson, 2010: Wish to be thinner: Development end prediction of disturbed eating. A longitudinal study of Swedish girls and young women

Sanna Aila Gustafsson, 2010: The importance of being thin: Perceived expectations from self and others and the effect on self-evaluation in girls with disordered eating

Jennie Ahrén-Moonga, 2009: An eating disorder is more than just disordered eating: Bio-psycho-social perspectives

Modjtaba Zandian, 2009: You are how you eat: Decelerated eating may protect from obesity and eating disorders

Joakim de Man Lapidoth, 2009: Binge eating in surgical weight-loss treatments: Long-term associations with weight loss, health related quality of life (HRQL) and psychopathology

Tabita Björk, 2008: Measuring eating disorder outcome: Definitions, dropout and patients’ perspectives

Karin Nilsson, 2007: Recovery from adolescent onset anorexia nervosa:a longitudinal study

Caroline Björck, 2006: Self-image and eating disorders

Linda Johansson, 2006: The role of cognitive processes in eating pathology.

Martin Neovius, 2005: Diagnostic tests for adiposity and metabolic risk factors in adolescence: Results from the Stockholm weight development study (Swedes)

Ingrid Larsson, 2005: Human body composition. Reference data and anthropometric equations. The metabolic syndrome and risk

Barbro Thurfjell, 2005: Adolescent Eating Disorders in a Sociocultural Context.

Ingela Melin, 2004: Motivating clinical treatment of obesity: Methods, education, supervision and outcome.

Birgitta Adolfsson, 2004: Obesity, life style and society: Psychological and psychosocial factors in relation to body weight and body weight changes

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Publicerad: 2017-05-08